Deluxe Hot Tub Cover – 127mm to 77mm Tapered – Rated #1 in the Industry


The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover is the #1 selling Cover. Save energy and Reduce your energy bill.


The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover is 127mm thick and tapers to 77mm to allow all rain to runoff the spa cover. The Deluxe hot tub cover is the #1 selling replacement cover in the UK. Deluxe hot tub spa covers will last longer & perform better than any other hot tub cover available. It does not matter what hot tub or swim spa you have in your garden, because we custom make the Deluxe Hot Tub Covers for all manufacturers and ranges of Spas and hot tubs. The Deluxe Hot Tub Cover was made specifically to give our customers the best possible energy savings in operating your spa in our cold damp climate. The Deluxe hot tub cover with it’s insulating capabilities will reduce your electric costs.

Built to withstand the cold damp days & save on the costs of heating your spa.

Custom build your hot tub cover in 5 easy steps.

The Deluxe Hot Tub Cover built for withstanding all harsh weather!

  • foam thickness is 127mm – 76.5mm tapered which allows rain to runoff.
  • we only use the highest density foams, which can withstand heavy loads including harsh rainfalls, children, and animals. We do not use or offer any inferior (1.0lb) or non-virgin foam like a lot of other manufactured covers.
  • stitching is all reinforced with over 20 points of internal reinforcement at high stress and problem areas.
  • we only use the highest marine grade vinyl with UV & mildew inhibitors to keep its beauty through all seasons.
  • we use a aluminum reinforcement stiffener down the center for added strength.
  • all foam is coated and wrapped with our new technology for ZERO water absorption, which means our hot tub covers do not get waterlogged like some other manufactured spa covers.
  • all our hot tub covers come with our double reinforced folding hinge and tear free handles to insure trouble free cover removal.
  • 4 lockable child safety tie downs for security.
  • exceeds all standards for hot tub spa covers.
  • finished off with a 5 year warranty.
  • The Cover Guy Guarantees the Best Quality Hot Tub Cover at the Best Price!

The deluxe hot tub cover lasts longer and performs better than any other spa cover available. Built to withstand harsh weather & save on running costs. This hot tub cover is ideal for many climates, it’s ability to support up to 500lbs of static weight is a great safety feature. Our spa covers great workmanship and materials is beneficial for all climates as it will reduce your heat loss, and save you money in operating your spa. This cover is safer if you have small children or animals that sit or walk across it, though we do not recommend you allow children or animals to walk, stand or sit on your spa hot tub cover.


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